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Black Falcon Drone

It’s Time To Take Your Photography And Videography To The Next Level With The Black Falcon Drone – Comes With A Unique And Sturdy Design, Is Loaded With Tons Of Features To Improve Your Productivity, And Helps You Capture The Landscape In Ultra-HD Quality Seamlessly.

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What is Black Falcon Drone?

Black Falcon Drone device


Black Falcon Drone device 2

The Black Falcon Drone is a foldable quadcopter and flies up to 30 minutes on a single charge. You can capture breathtaking videos and photos with its built-in camera using this drone. The most interesting thing is you can easily carry this drone because of its lightweight and slim design.

The remote controller that comes with it has an LCD Display to help you navigate the drone and also show you real-time video feed straight from your drone’s camera. It is an easy to fly drone camera even a beginner can fly this to capture the shots.

The device comes with all the unique features that you need to up your videography or photography game, especially the picture or video quality. It’s been engineered with user-friendly technology and navigation features to enhance the user’s experience.

You can fly this drone up to 80 meters clear of obstructions and other aircraft in the pathway. Capture sweeping, cinematic footage in High-definition with its smart and stable sensors. 

Black Falcon Drone Reviews

gregory star 1
Verified Purchase ✅
 The drone arrived smoothly within the indicated date. Its very fun to fly! Great price, it is excellent to learn how to fly a drone.
franciska star 2
Verified Purchase ✅
 Very nice little drone!! Very steady flight with altitude hold. You get a little more than you pay for in my opinion.
jack star 3
Verified Purchase ✅
 Good to control sensitivity and responds well. Fully recommend it, and very happy.

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Key Features of Black Falcon Drone

The device is engineered with lightweight yet highly durable materials, making the drone more agile and sturdy. It can confront various environmental situations while staying stable and fine. Here’s more about the aircraft and its features.

  • 4k UHD Camera Installed

    It’s always the video quality or photo quality that captivates the buyer’s mind or heart. Hmm, the Black Falcon is a drone that features 4k video and photo quality to help you capture with high-definition. Capture each detail without any instability.

    Furthermore, you can watch the live video feed after connecting the drone to your smartphone, or you might be able to control it with your smartphone, too. Read the instructions to know more about the camera or video quality.
  • In-built GPS Assistance

    GPS is a much more interesting feature that is added to this drone. You might not know that but this is the GPS that keeps your drone stable and at a precise position. One more thing is that you find this feature in all the high-end drones.

    It is the GPS assistance that helps you capture high-quality aerial drone video or photography, as well as for precise mapping of areas as the drone works on photogrammetry. You get GPS Assistance in a Black Falcon Drone that helps you capture high-end video or photo quality.
  • Multiple Flight Modes with Ingenious Flight Control Feature

    Each user has their preferences for flying the drone, and to meet their needs or expectations, the drone features multiple flight modes. Stable video or shots, thundering aerial acrobatics, slow-mo shots, or cinematic, this drone has got you covered.

    Furthermore, it comes with intuitive control features like auto takeoff and landing, one-key return, and altitude hold, so a beginner can also enjoy a smooth and hassle-free flying experience with this drone.
  • Stable and Wind-resistance

    The drone’s stability and its potential to resist winds speak about the build quality. To make this drone wind-resistant and stable while you are shooting shots or capturing the moments, it features large propellers that provide more lift and stability in windy conditions.

    Even when you are shooting when the weather is not favouring you, worry not! The drone has got you covered. You can fly this drone and record 4k videos and all thanks go to its aerodynamic design to offer you this feature.
  • Foldable Aircraft

    So your tours or trips don’t feel heavy on your shoulders, the Black Falcon Drone comes with an advanced foldable feature. It’s more compact and foldable, so you can carry the drone on your trips or tours without any problem.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t require so much space to fit in your bag. A foldable drone drives more efficiency while capturing the moments or the perfect shots. All such features make this device an ideal drone for creators or everyone.
90 days money back guarantee

90 Day 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Black Falcon Drone will be available for you to test out for 90-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It device may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Benefits of Black Falcon Drone

  • User-friendly operation: The device features user-friendly operation. If you don’t know any basics about the landing or takeoff, you can still operate the drone because the device features auto takeoff and landing options. It’s one of the qualities that is enhancing the sales of Black Falcon Drone.
  • Smartphone App Integration: Watch the live video feed straight from your smartphone. You do not even need to go anywhere to connect the drone camera to your smartphone. You just need to pair this up with your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and enjoy the live feed, access additional features, and the convenience of on-screen controls.
  • Exceptional Video or Photo Quality: Videographers or photographers are always mad in the quest to find a perfect full-featured drone camera to take their video or photography to the next level. Here’s a Black Falcon Drone that delivers stunning images and landscape videos every time you take the drone in the skies.
  • Outstanding Battery Life: The device features improved battery life to help you capture head-turning shots from your drone without interruption. Capture the feed without worrying about the battery life as you can fly this drone for up to 30 minutes on a single charge.
How To Use It

Here’s how you can set up a Black Falcon Drone.

✅ Now get the leaflet of instructions provided in the box for more details. In this leaflet, you will learn how to construct and maintain the drone impeccably
✅ Scan the QR code provided on the leaflet because it will help you download the app on your smartphone to integrate the drone with your mobile phone
✅ Unbox the package and then put the drone to power for a minimum of sixty minutes before anything
✅ Once you are done with all these things, the quadcopter is ready to shoot stunning images or videos
✅ It is advised to modify the higher altitude constraints when you are taking it in the skies
✅ Lastly, utilize it’s GPS potential to locate the quadcopter when it’s outdoor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check to ensure that both the controller and the drone are turned on and have battery life. If they are still failing to connect, please reset both units and follow the directions to connect the transmitter and receiver again.

If your phone is disconnecting from the drone’s WiFi signal, you may need to adjust one of two settings on your phone.1) When connecting to the drone’s WiFi your phone may ask if you want to stay connected to this WiFi signal even though it does not have an internet connection.Check the box next to this setting.2) Some phones allow for prioritizing specific WiFi Network connections.Making your drone’s WiFi Network the highest priority may help with your connection stability without impacting your normal usage

If your drone is landing too fast, try manually pulling down the throttle stick slowly so that your drone loses altitude at a slower pace.

Charging time is between 60-70 minutes to full charge.

It is available through For a limited time, we offer three discounted packages: Basic Device - $49.

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